Z401 The Music of the Beatles (Gass, Fall 2003)
Variations2 Listening List

To use this listening list, you must be on a computer in the Music Library (one of the STC computers on the first or third floor).  For more information, visit the Variations2 User Guide.

Collected Beatles Singles

The Beatles Albums

Beatles Anthologies


Looking for a specific song but don't know what album it's on?  Use the Variations2 search window.  Enter all or part of the song's name in the "Work Title" field.

Power User?  For faster access, import all these Variations2 bookmarks into Variations2 so you don't have to keep clicking on these web-page links.  Here's how:

  1. Save beatles.v2b to your desktop (right-click on PC, Ctrl-click on Mac)
  2. Run Variations2
  3. Go to the Variations2 Edit Bookmarks window and click "Import..."
  4. Find the file on your desktop and import it.  Variations2 will remember these bookmarks, even if you use a different computer later.

Want to use a timeline of a Beatles song?  A timeline looks like this:

You can open some pre-made Beatles timelines using the files below.  If simply clicking the link doesn't work, try this instead:  right click (or Ctrl-click on a Mac) on the file, save it to your desktop, run Variations2, and pick "Open Timeline" from the File menu.

You can also create your own timelines.  When you're listening to a song in the Player window, pick "New Timeline" from the File menu.

Questions or comments?  Contact Variations2 Support.