and the
 Music Appreciation Class
Presented by:  Dr. Roberta Lindsey
Music Technology Conference
June 27, 2003

"The material is based upon..."
The material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 9909068.
Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.

IU DML/Variations2 Consists of:
$3 million, 4-year grant from DLI Phase 2 (NSF);
Faculty: Music, Information Science, Law, Computer Science;
Librarians and technologists: IU Libraries, University IT Services;
Bloomington and Indianapolis campuses (IUPUI);

Meet the Team
(Music History Component)

Variations2 Tools
Purchase of Recordings;
Copyright Research/Justification of
“Fair Use;”
Streaming Audio/Video;
Security Script for Virtual Classroom;
Search for Audio/Score and Bookmark.

Three Phases Incorporating DML/Variations2 into Music Appreciation Class
Phase One: digitized music into the “virtual” classroom;
Phase Two:  developing tutorials using Flash/Director of musical forms into the “virtual” classroom, and adding digitized video to class;
Phase Three:  developing interactive musical resources into the “virtual” classroom, including Variations2 Bookmarking Tool in on-campus class.

Steps in Phase One:
Investigating copyright “fair use” & the internet;
Insuring the e-learning platform (OnCourse) would uphold the Variations2 materials;
Listing pieces for digitization;
Digitizing music and uploading to streaming server;
Assigning specific supplemental listening homework relating to the students’ lessons;
Assessing the course using “Flashlight” Survey tools.

List of Recordings

Acquisition of Source Recordings for Digitization
Compact Disc (most common);
Tape or other analog source;
Digital file (.mpg, .wav, etc.).

Preparing Audio for RealProducer
CD: CDDA utility or “ripper”

Preparing Audio for RealProducer
Tape (analog): Convert to digital audio (.wav) with Sound Forge 4.5

Preparing Audio for RealProducer
Digital Files from IU Bloomington (VARIATIONS):

These files are in mpeg-1, layer 2 (.mp2) format, which is a format accepted by RealProducer—no conversion to .wav is needed.

Conversion to RealMedia “SureStream” Format

Supplemental Listening Material
General Assignment
Use a tutorial (Phase 2 and 3);
Listen to extra pieces listed in Supplemental Listening Section of OnCourse;
Answer questions and provide comments to their peers and to the instructor in a Threaded Discussion format.

Steps in Phase Two:
NEW:  Develop Tutorials (using Flash, Director, HTML);
NEW:  E-publish materials to “Merlot*” for peer review.
   R=Resources (for)
   L=Learning (and)

Flash Tutorials
Mouret’s Rondeau
Mozart’s “Minuet and Trio” from Eine Kline Nachtmusik
How to Access Variations2

Steps in Phase Three
Developing interactive musical resources into the “virtual” classroom;

(Flash Tutorial:  Matrix)
Introducing Variations2 Bookmarking Tool in on-campus class.

Variations2 On-campus Trial

Future Plans
Develop more engaging interactivity in the tutorials (using more sophisticated development toolset (Java);
Expand musical examples;
Continue incorporating new tools, i.e., mapping, from Variations2 (Bloomington) into the on-campus class;
Incorporate Variations2 (Bloomington) tools into the online class;
Publish findings in referred journals.

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