Enhancing College Teaching with the
Digital Music Library
Eric Isaacson (Indiana University)
College Music Society
2 October 2003

traditional face-to-face teaching
Classroom presentation: blackboard or transparency
Plus: highly interactive, full instructor control
Minuses: transient, legibility, messy
Scores: photocopied on transparency (also student anthology)
Plus: easy to annotate
Minus: Can be hard to read (size), hard to manage multiple pages
Music: CD or live performance
Plus: High fidelity
Minus: Retrieval time from library, hard to cue and extract excerpts

traditional literature assignment
Student given score, asked to listen
Student diagrams form, marks score, answers various questions
Focus on score develops inner ear
Develops score-reading skills
Listening seldom done
Focus seldom placed on literature-based listening (location problem)

variations player

variations2: IU digital music library
Improved search interface designed for music
Music in multiple forms
Digital audio and video
Scalable scanned score images
Symbolically encoded scores
Tools to support teaching and learning

search: iucat vs. variations2

media player

score viewer

opus window

digital timeliner

multimedia music theory teaching toolkit
Items from Variations2 base application
Media Player
Score Viewer
Notation Editor (planned)
Drawing tools (shapes, arrows)
Labeling tools (FB, RNís, NCTíS, etc.)
Question generator/tester
Simple text and presentation tools

Slide 12

summary of variations2 benefits
Course management
Improved library search
Music in multiple formats
Scanned score
Encoded score
Authoring tools for face-to-face teaching and student assignments

variations2 research areas
Intellectual property
Metadata (library cataloging)
Teaching and Learning
System design

project participants
PI: Michael McRobbie
Project Management: Gerald Bernbom, Jon Dunn
Steering Group: Blaise Cronin, Gwyn Richards, Suzanne Thorin
Usability: Andrew Dillon (UT), Mark Notess
Copyright: Kenneth Crews, Kristine Brancolini, Mary Wallace Davidson
Music Instruction: Jay Fern, Roberta Lindsey
Music Theory: Eric Isaacson
Metadata: Mary Davidson, Harriette Hemmasi
System Design: Jon Dunn, technical staff
Networks/Satellite Sites: Douglas Pearson

satellite sites
United States
Illinois State University
Northwestern University
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
University of Massachusetts at Amherst
University of Texas
United Kingdom
City University of London
Kings CollegeóLondon
Loughborough University
University of Oxford
Waseda University


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