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Variations2 is a four-year project that started in October of 2000 and will continue through 2004.
The funding for Variations2 is provided by the National Science Foundation and National Endowment for Humanities, through the Digital Libraries Initiative Phase 2 (DLI2) program.
Variations2 builds upon the work that has been done through the digital music library project entitled VARIATIONS, which has already digitized and provided access to over 7000 recordings and 200 scores at the Music Library of Indiana University.
The scope and the goals of Variations2 require a truly interdisciplinary approach, with research and development conducted in the areas of Usability, Metadata standards, Copyright issues, Music Instruction, System Design, and Networking.
The four main target user groups of this project include Music Faculty, Students, Librarians, and other, more general library user group.
…and selecting, and then viewing a score or listening to a recording of their choice (clicking on View or Listen brings up the Viewer or Player).
The Container structure is attached to container objects, and it defines track information, time, and page offsets.
The Work structure represents the abstract structure of the work such as movements, acts, scenes, themes, etc.
The Work Bindings are associated with instantiations, because they link or bind particular time and page ranges to the abstract work structure.
Each section of the abstract work structure is linked to the corresponding time or page range in the recordings or scores.
This allows for a very effective structural access and linkage of musical works in various formats on different internal levels.
We would like to thank the National Science Foundation for providing its support to the project.