Tuesday, September 20, 2005

What follows Variations2?

Variations3, of course! Today, the Institute for Museum and Library Services (IMLS) announced funding of the Variation3 project. Here's the nitty-gritty from the IMLS site.
Indiana University - Bloomington, IN - $768,747

2005 National Leadership Grants for Libraries - Building Digital Resources

Over the past several decades, information technology has become an essential part of how music libraries deliver services and collections to music students and faculty. Yet, even with technological advances, music students and faculty have not been able to transform routine listening assignments that traditionally involve studying a printed score while listening to a recording. Over the past four years Indiana University (IU) has developed an experimental digital music library system known as Variations2. Building on IU's past experience in creating the original Variations, one of the world's first digital music library systems, Variations2 provides a complete environment in which students and faculty can discover, listen to, view, annotate, and interact with music. It is clear from consistent communication that many libraries, of all sizes, public as well as academic, are interested in implementing a system like Variations2 for their clientele. However, the current Variations2 system is tied to the technical and service environment of IU and additional work is required to turn it into a system that can be distributed and used by others. The Indiana University Digital Library Program project will create Variations3, a turnkey digital music library and learning system that can be easily deployed at a wide range of college and university libraries with minimal technical support and at minimal cost to the institutions.


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